BETARA GURU: Education Ship Based on Alternative Energy to Improve Education Access at Small Islands

Ramadhan Jaka


Islands region particularly the region of small islands is an area that has a very complex issue such as living cost is expensive, lack of transportation, limited facilities of communications technology and difficulty access of education. The difficulty access of education at small islands was affected by several factors, including low quality and quantity of teaching staff and lack of facilities for teaching and learning activities.  Therefore, I propose the idea of Betara Guru. Betara Guru is an education ship that utilizes magnetic generator technology as the prime mover and provides electricity for systems in it. Betara Guru can be anchored in the coastal area of small islands without needing port facilities. Betara Guru is projected to be used as a replacement of school buildings that can be used for teaching and learning activities at small islands. Additionally, Betara Guru is an education ship that is affordable and environmental friendly. This is because Betara Guru does not use fuel oil to run systems inside, but uses a magnetic generator technology based on alternative energy. With high mobility and a function that can replace school buildings, Betara Guru can be considered capable to improve education access at small islands.

Keywords— Betara Guru, education, small islands

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