Mapping Radiation in Contaminated Area using Quadcopter

Sasmita Paksi Yudha, Pratama Enggar Yudha, Susanta Febrian Fitryanik, Nashatya Fahdy, Sembiring Edward Steven, Achmad Balza, Dewobroto Adityo Agung


Due to development in science and technology, the usage of radioactive substances in various sectors of industries such as hospital, nuclear power plant and chemical company, have increased. Unfortunately, it has made the surrounding area to be more dangerous because the risk of radiation contamination for living things. Measuring level of contamination directly with radiation detector is not recommended because the effect of radiation exposure to the operator. CURIE as a system which combines radiation sensor (Geiger Muller module), camera, and quadcopter can measure the level of contamination safely. It can be controlled using gadget, remote control or computer in manual or automatic mode. The data of measurement was visualized into a 3-dimension map by combining the view of the location and color gradations which marked the different level of contamination between points, using a method called radiation mapping. By using CURIE, monitoring and mapping the level of radiation contamination can be done much easier and more accurate by creating better measurement and visualization.

Keywords— Curie, Mapping, Monitoring, Radiation


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