Smart Irrigation Using Fuzzy Control System and Wireless Sensor Network Based on nRF24L01

Pratama Harry Bintang Muhammad, Nugraha Indra Satria, Fatkhurrahman Arief Muhammad, Kurniawan Rizki Anggoro


Agriculture sector has faced many issues that lead to water deficiency. The problem can be solved by a water management system, that can be implemented by modifying the common irrigation system. A smart irrigation system has been developed to help managing the water usage efficiently. The proposed system uses moisture sensor to sense the humidity of the soil. The data from the sensor is then sent to the main system wirelessly using nRF24L01-based communication. Another input to the main system is the weather forecast that was taken from the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics. Both input was combined and processed to control the water pump using fuzzy control system that was applied to a microcontroller. The weather forecast help reducing the amount of water pumped by considering the weather in the future, but at the same time keep the humidity in desired condition. The proposed system automatically varying the soil humidity based on the weather forecast. Moreover, the implementation of fuzzy control system has increased the efficiency since there is much less maximum error compared to the common on-off control system. The proposed system has the potential to optimize the water supply in irrigation system.

Keywords—fuzzy logic; nRF24L01 communication; smart  irrigation

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