Treatment Of Tofu Industry’s Wastewater Using Combination of Ozonation and Hydrodynamic Cavitation Method with Venturi Injector

Primasto Agil Ramadhan, Karamah Eva Fathul


This research has purpose to evaluate the performance of ozonation [O], hydrodynamic cavitation [HC], and combination of both [HC/O] in treating tofu wastewater. The variations being used are circulation flowrate (2, 3, and 4 LPM) and dosage of ozone (single and series ozonator). [HC/O] method (4 LPM flowrate and 129 mg/h dosage of ozone) produces the best performance, with degradation of 943 mg/L COD and 293 mg/L TSS in 180 minutes. This result is far better than the 4 LPM variant of [HC] method and series variant of [O] method separately, which are only capable of degrading 485 mg/L COD-288 mg/L TSS and 136 mg/L COD-233 mg/L TSS in 180 minutes accordingly.

Keywords—COD, hydrodynamic cavitation, ozonation, tofu wastewater, TSS.

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