Worker’s Muscle Recovery Mathematic Modelling for Increasing a Laborer Productivity in Indonesia

Ardian Vincent, Margaretha Yesinia, Marpaung Budi, Soenandi Aang Iwan, Subiantoro Alison


As the fourth most populated country in the world, Indonesia with labor abundance well suited to develop labor-intensive industries. Labor-intensive industries, which prefers to employ human labor than machine and advanced technology equipment, in reality facing the muscular disorder problem which makes the decrease labor productivity, which thereby finally affects the industrial competitiveness. This research identifies factors affecting muscle recovery workers, and develops a mathematical model which describes various relationships factors identified and affected by muscle recovery. This research is conducted by the experimental design method involving several workers. Previous studies did not discuss about influence of various treatments against muscle recovery. The results will become an input for the industrial manufacturing in Indonesia to increase labor productivity.

Keywords— Mathematic model, Muscle recovery Musculoskeletal disorder, Productivity

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