Level of Service Analysis of University of Indonesia Outer Ring Road using HCM 2010

Efi Adriyani


The University of Indonesia has 13 faculties with an area of 320 hectares. Activities are diverse cause high mobilization and impacted in increasing demand transportation. This research is done with primary data collection which consists of a survey of the volume of the vehicle, speed and also road inventory survey.   While LOS analyzed using HCM 2010 provides an assessment of all modes of transport (Car, Pedestrian, Bicycle and buses) and LOS value interplay between transportation modes. Result of making data using instrument “person counter” and manuals obtained the difference calculation namely 86.24% on FT-FH segment and 66.73% on Pondok Cina- FT segment

Keywords: HCM 2010, Level of Service, University of Indonesia

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