Design of Wastewater Treatment System of Washing Machine (FI-Bio) Using 4 Filter Filtration Method Based Eco-Friendly Bioceramics

Sigit Arrohman, Abibrojo Sekar, Iqbal Ambari, Yasya Khalif P S, Taufik Hidayat, Rifky Ismail


Wastewater treatment system of washing machine is an effort to management the wastewater. This wastewater has some effect to the environment because it’s having surfactants. Wastewater of washer can interrupt the inland water ecosystems when the surfactants beyond the normal limits. Design of wastewater treatment has 3 steps. The steps are mapping the wastewater treatment system of washer, making a prototype and testing of samples. Bioceramics serves to reduce the hardness of wastewater of washing machine. The result of this design is the design of wastewater treatment system, analysis of fluids, TDS testing, PH and water hardness which it’s eligible to the clean water. Thus, obtained into wastewater qualified to be discharged into the environment.

Keywords— bioceramics, clean water, eco-friendly,  wastewater of washing machine

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