Evaluation of Alternative Payment Methods Effectiveness in Universitas Indonesia Main Gate using Combination of Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS

Harman Yusuf, M Irfan Kemal, Nadhira M Riska, Pradnya P Paramita, Syafiq Hidayatullah


Objective: A case study on payment method for entering Universitas Indonesia main gate decision was conducted to demonstrate hybrid method of Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS
Methods: Fuzzy AHP method was selected for determining the weighting of each decision-making criteria and TOPSIS method to determine the rating for each alternative
Results: Based on the calculations, the CCi values are Cash > Non-cash > Membership payment method. The sensitivity analysis results represented that the ranking of solutions for entering UI main gate is not very sensitive to the different decision-making influence criteria weights
Conclusion: The ranking of alternative solutions can be a guideline and support decision makers or top management to determine policy and strategies for the implementation of payment method on Universitas Indonesia main gate. Therefore, Cash method is still the best method that the respondents have chosen
Keywords: Fuzzy AHP, Fuzzy TOPSIS, payment method, Cash, Non-Cash, Triangular Fuzzy Number

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