New Era of Local Potential Distribution: Design of The Optimal Ship Route for Transportation of The Major Commodities Of Biak Numfor Using The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)

Muhammad Farid Burhanudin


Abstract— The problem of price disparity that occurred in Indonesia needs to be overcome by sea transportation planning. The development of the sea toll road is a solution in tackling the disparity of the price of needs in eastern Indonesia. The program can be maximized by transporting the potential commodities of a region to fill the vessels that are often empty without any cargo when returning from  small regional port. The research parameters are ship capacity, time windows, and commodity. The case study of this research is Biak Numfor District, which has a wealth of natural resources in the agriculture sector. Using the Vehicle Routing problem (VRP), it can be determined that the purpose of the research is to improve the route to be more efficient. The result of the research is the optimal route and framework of scheduling of one port of origin, which is Biak, to nine destination ports.

Keywords— Price Disparity; Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP); Routes and Scheduling

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