Manufacturing Process of Metal Powder by Direct Current Plasma Arc Thermal Atomization Method

Andriyanto Andriyanto, Ario Sunar Baskoro, S Supriadi, Dharmanto Dharmanto


Abstract—Metal powder is a raw material needed in metal injection molding and additive manufacturing. Atomization method is often used to produce metal powders in large quantities. This study aims to develop a metal powder atomization tool using DC plasma-cutting thermal atomization method, which has a fire temperature of approximately 24.726°C to melt 316L stainless steel wire into spherical metal powder. In the experiment, this method was conducted to set electric current variables of 25, 30, and 35 amp; 0.02 Bar pressurized air; and a feed rate of 2 mm/s for 1 sprayer. This study uses 316L stainless steel commercial wire material with length of 100 mm and diameter of 1.6 mm to produce metal powder ranging from 25–200 µm and depict surface shapes with scanning electron microscope results in spherical shapes with smooth surfaces without satellite rubbles.

Keywords—atomization; 316L stainless steel; DC plasma

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