Gait Analysis using Kinect ™ as a Home Monitoring Instrument in Case of Spine Joint Movement

Jimmie Wibowo, Nindya Aprilia Alief, Yudan Whulanza


Abstract—This study investigates the application of Kinect™ as a low-cost gait analysis instrument. Kinect™ is a virtual reality technology that is commercially available and has been used in gait studies recently. Kinect™ is much cheaper than the commonly used high-fidelity optical system. Here, we report a method to record human male subjects aged 25–26 years using a specific setup of gait aisle. Results show a data set comprising 25 data points representing the 25 human joints. This study focuses on the analysis of spine base movement for two subjects. The study produces a gait pattern in a repetitive cyclical data set. Statistical analysis of the pattern shows that the method can identify the walking signature for each subject. This study promotes the application of this method in identifying pathological issues, such as spinal disease, during medical rehabilitation in a practical and economical manner.

Keywords— Gait Analysis, Kinect™, Human Joints, Walking Signature, Spine Base, Medical Rehabilitation

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