Magnetic Characterization of Manganese doped-Barium Hexaferrite in Fe Sites of Ba(Fe1-x Mnx )12O19

Syukur Daulay, Budhy Kurniawan


Abstract—Barium hexaferrite is a magnetic material that has been widely used in various applications as it is relatively more stable than other magnetic materials. Several previous efforts attempted to increase the magnetic properties of barium hexaferrite. In this report, barium hexaferrite was successfully substituted by Mn for Ba(Fe1-xMnx )12O19 via solid state reaction, where x was 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5. BaCO3, MnO2, and Fe2O3 precursors were stoichiometrically mixed on the basis of mass composition, and the mixture was milled for 24 h using a wet ball milling technique. The milled precursor was dried for 24 h in a 100°C oven and calcined at 1200°C for 2 h. The samples were characterized by XRD for their phase identification where the new phase barium hexaferrite, manganite oxide, and manganese ferrite was formed and no trace of the origin precursor phases were observed. For characterization of the magnetic properties, the samples were crushed and filtered prior to pressing up to 5 MPa under a magnetic field condition. The pressed samples were varied under different sintering temperatures of 1050, 1100, and 1150°C before further characterization by a phermagraph, a magnetization characteristic instrument. Based on the investigation, the remanence decreased to 0.025 T when the Mn concentration was increased to x = 0.5. The Mn atoms replaced Fe, resulting in an increase in the magnetic moment.


Keywords— Barium hexaferrite substituted Mn, Solid State reaction, XRD Characterization, Magnetic Characterization

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