Hydroponic system with automatic water level control based on Arduino

Ahmad Luthfi Fitris, Raymond Yonathan Hutapea, Alexander Yadani, Thor Ming Seng, Agung Shamsuddin Saragih, Radon Dhelika


Abstract—Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. As it offers several advantages, especially in locations with varying limitations, it has become a widely-adopted technology in both developing and developed countries all around the world. In this research, a low-cost hydroponic system with an automatic water level control system is proposed. A low-cost, open-source microcontroller (Arduino) with an ultrasonic sensor is used. With the ability to detect the water level, the system could decide on when the pump should be turned on/off. This prevents the pump from continuously working and, thus making the process more energy efficient. The additional feature of leak detection is also introduced to the system. The system is developed and evaluated, and results show that the developed system has potential energy saving of around 93% compared to that of a conventional hydroponic system.

Keywords—hydroponic, Arduino, control

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