Design of Optical Fiber Route for Digital Television in Single Multiplexing System in Jakarta

Dian Rusdiyanto, Nusriyati Mahmudah, Fikri Faisal Adli, Catur Apriono


Abstract—In this paper, we propose optical fiber routes for a digital television single multiplexing system in Jakarta. Twenty routes were designed, each of which connects a broadcaster with the central broadcaster (TVRI). The route performances were evaluated based on the link power budget and rise time budget. The results of our link power budget analysis reveal that every route would function within the 27-dB maximum acceptable loss, with the highest and lowest losses being 21.11 dB and 10.99 dB, respectively. The rise time budgets were analyzed using the non-return to zero (NRZ) modulation scheme. The results show that all the rise time budget values would be within the allowable rise time limits of the broadcaster specifications. Therefore, the proposed design is suitable for implementation.


Keywords—Optical fiber; Digital TV; Single Mux; Link Power; Rise Time

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