Mapping, Identification and Selection of Copper Minerals Extraction Process Technology-Based on The Business and Environmentally Friendly

Sutarno Sutarno, Khahar Muzakkar, Candra Dewi Romadhona, Mizan Nursiadi


Law No. 4 of 2009 and PenMen ESDM 7/2012 are the starting point of direction and strategy to acceleration of research and technological development of metallic minerals extraction process into pure metals such as copper cathode. Research and technology development of copper minerals extraction process include beneficiation, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy and electrometallurgy. These processes done beside to produce copper cathode and also produce waste such as SO2 and slag, which are adversely impact on the environment. Along with the increasing production costs, energy and environmental issues, the identification and mapping of every stage of the process of mineral extraction of copper needs to be done to select and application certain process that an environmentally friendly. Development process of copper minerals extraction with chemical's solution and bacteria’s which are more environmentally friendly are smart choice that can be done through cooperation between universities, industries and government to fulfill and achieving government's policy for building upstream and downstream industries integrated. The benefits of the integrated cooperation will increase and accelerating the achievement of the self-sufficiency of copper, increased value added of natural resources, improved of human resources capabilities, etc. The important benefit of the development of the extraction process routes are the business become more competitive and sustainable environment and also will be able to accelerate the implementation of Law No. 4 of 2009 and PenMen the ESDM 7/2012.

Keywords—copper minerals, extraction, environmentally friendly, law No 4/2009

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