Effect of %Vf Nano SiC on Mechanical Properties of Al6061 Composite with Sr and TiB Addition Produced by Stir Casting

Karlina Oktaviana, Dilla Yuli Andini, R Primawati, Reza Mohammad, Sergi Andiva, S Zulfia Anne


The addition of nano SiC particles to Al6061 matrix has enhanced the mechanical properties of metal matrix composite. 10% Vf of magnesium were used as wetting agent to achieve strong interface bonding. Furthermore, effect of Sr addition as matrix modifier and TiB as grain refiner was investigated. In the present work, Al6061 reinforced with various amounts (0.05%, 0.10%, 0.15%, 0.20% and 0.30%) of nano SiC were prepared. Results of this study showed the optimum content of nano SiC in Al6061 matrix were around 0.10-0.15 %Vf. Non-modified (NM) composite has the highest UTS value (263.4 MPa), followed by Sr modified (SM) composite (246.5 MPa), and TiB modified (TM) composite (217.2 MPa). In other hand, highest elongation percentage of 9% obtained on SM composite followed by 7% elongation percentage on NM composite, and 6% on TM composite. The enhancement of mechanical properties of Al6061/SiC composite were influenced by the presence of Mg2Si phase, good distribution of nano SiC particles, and also good interface bonding between matrix and reinforce.

Keywords— Al 6061, nano SiC, mechanical properties, microstucture, stir casting

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