Integrating Photosynthetic Microbial Desalination Cell with Coconut Shell Electrode and Electrodialysis to Provide Clean Water for East Indonesia’s Islets

Agusta Indahing Tyas, Elisabeth Elisabeth, Jonathan Megan, Yohannes de BrittoHirmadito Prastito


Islets in East Indonesia are lack of clean water with only two main sources of clean water, which are shallow well and precipitation reservoir. The depletion of reservoir happens in drought season and occurs because ground water undergoes seawater intrusion. Human cannot consume saline water for a long period. Accordingly, clean water is necessary for people in stressed water region. There are few researches on Photosynthetic Microbial Desalination Cell (PMDC) to desalinate seawater. This study is working on modification and integration of PMDC with Electrodialysis (ED) to achieve higher efficiency of reducing salt conductivity in seawater. Each of PMDC chambers consists of algae in cathode chamber, organic waste in anode chamber, and saline water in the middle chamber. The PMDC reduced conductivity of salt water by 84.2% sodium and 58.25% chloride. Percentage of NaCl left then processed with ED to meet the potable water standard. This integration is low in construction and operational cost and also maximizes the utilization of seawater, coconut shell, and organic waste in islets. Integration of PMDC with coconut shell carbon electrode and ED is a promising solution for this problem. This will enable local citizens in islets to increase their self-sustained life.

Keywords— algae; coconut shell carbon; electrodialysi; PMDC

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