A Simulation Study of Wind Velocity for Generating an Aerodynamic Façade of an Office Building

Dimas A Zacharry


Currently, the used of energy of an office building is greatly consumed for air conditioning. However, the source of energy is decreasing.  This study, therefore, is aimed to provide natural ventilation for an office building in Jakarta.  It is acknowledging that the wind velocity at high level is higher than 7 m/s, so that it has worst effect on the indoor environment.  In order to minimize the wind velocity, come into the building an aerodynamic form is applied and to study the wind velocity and its effect on the indoor environment and on the aerodynamic form, a simulation study was conducted.  The software namely ‘Flow Design’ is used to simulate the wind velocity over the site and in the indoor of the building. The study has shown that by applying the aerodynamic form, the indoor wind velocity can meet the required Beaufort scale for light breeze.

Keywords— aerodynamic form,  natural ventilation,  simulation study, wind velocity

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