Steel Adhesive Performance based on Polyurethane by Crude Glycerol from Biodiesel Production

Sylvia Amanda Siregar, Sukirno Sukirno


Low market price of crude glycerol in Indonesia is caused by low utilization of biodiesel industrial waste. Other than in food and pharmacy industry, glycerol can be used as polyurethane adhesive ingredients. The research will use crude glycerol, oleic acid, and phthalic anhydride to make polyol. The polyol then used to make polyurethane adhesive by reaction with Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate (pMDI). Curing time are varied to find out curing optimum time of adhesive. Acid and base treatment the given to some of adhesive system to find out chemical strength of the adhesive. Steel adhesive performance will be seen from its mechanical properties. Shear strength and T-peeling test is done to test mechanical properties of steel adhesive from crude glycerol to find out if the adhesive can meet the performance of commercial adhesive. Based on mechanical test results, adhesive with technical grade glycerol has the highest mechanical strength than other glycerol concentration used. Curing time variation showed that seven days curing result the highest mechanical strength of the adhesive. Surface treatment variation showed that with detergent solution and emery paper give adhesive the highest mechanical strength. Acid base treatment showed that base reduce mechanical strength of adhesive more than acid treatment

Keywords— crude glycerol, polyurethane, steel adhesive

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