Combination Method of Ozonation Technique and Hydrodynamic Cavitation with Venturi Injector for Synthetic Phenol Waste Treatment

Jupiter Eresta Jaya, Eva Fathul Karamah


In this research, performance evaluation of combination method of ozone technique and hydrodynamic cavitation with venturi injector to process synthetic phenol was done. Phenol is an alcoholic substance with high stability because of the aromatic ring that it has that makes it hard to be degraded. In this research, the performance of three process configuration, which are the ozonation, hydrodynamic cavitation with venturi injector, and the combination of both method, are be compared to perform phenol degradation. Variation used in each process configuration are pH (4, 7, and 11), Flow rate (2, 4, and 6 L/min), and ozone dosage (63,77 mg/hr and 118,48 mg/hr). The phenol concentration used in this process is synthetic phenol with 10 mg/L concentration. In this research it is found out that the combination method of ozonation technique and hydrodynamic cavitation with venturi injector in base condition (pH of 11), 6 L/min circulation flowrate, and 118,48 mg/hr ozone dosage will result in the highest phenol degradation rate (85% of phenol degradation rate and TOC removal of 4,5 mg/L) compared to the ozone technique and hydrodynamic cavitation with venture injector separately.

Keywords—advanced oxidation process, hydrodynamic cavitation, hydroxyl radical, ozone technique, phenol

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