Design and Implementation Servo Motor Controlling with Android Smartphone using Sound Frequency based Raspberry PI

Arif Viardiman, Chevy Nanda, Aner Yuweti, Rendy M


Door security is a very important thing because the door serves as access to a valuable things or privacy place.  This led to the rise of crime rate and the more sophisticated system in breaking into or damaging the door security system in the form of a conventional key. This research was designed servo motor control system for a door security with android smartphone apps using voice frequency based raspberry pi. Process in the system is the raspberry pi will store our voice database when speaking on android smartphone, and then the frequency of our voice will be transmitted with the Bluetooth module connection HC-05 to the microcontroller. When the voice input same with the database stored in the microcontroller Raspberry Pi, the servo motor will spin according to the program that has been input and will open a key that has been installed on the door. The farthest distance that have been tested to send data by android smartphone to a Bluetooth module with the obstacle is 4 meters. While the longest Distance that have been tested to send data without obstacle is 7 meters. Mobile application displays data reading in real time. This research is expected to create door security technology that can be implemented widely in the community.

Keywords— Bluetooth HC-05, Microcomputer, Raspberry PI, Servo Motor, Smartphone Android

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