Prelimenary Studies of Chitosan Alginate Microparticle Loaded Extract from Red Ginger (Zingiber officinale var. Rubrum) for Raw Milk Preservatives

Rizka Margi Astuty, Elsa Krisanti, Kamarza Mulia


Phenolic compounds contained in extracts of Red ginger Rhizome (Zingiber officinale var. Rubrum) has antibacterial properties which can hold the growth of bacteria.. Previous research have been used ginger extract for pasteurized milk preservatives. From these research, it was found that  the use of ginger extract able to hold the growth of bacteria in pasteurized milk.. This research aims to know the influence of the addition of ginger extract as a preservative fresh milk. The results obtained in this research is the content of total phenols, microparticles, encapsulation efficiency of loading, the number of bacteria, as well as organoleptis on fresh milk. The higest of content of total phenols is 513,23 mg GAE/g on oleoresin. Second is a microparticles chitosan – oleoresin and microparticles chitosan- oleoresin coating alginat of 39,089 mg GAE/g, and the lowest at ginger rhizome extract with 2,13 mg GAE/g. Encapsulation efficiency of microparticles  chitosan-oleoresin and microparticles  chitosan-oleoresin coating alginate each of 76,16% and 76,16%.  In addition preparations in the form of microparticles have no significant influence against the color, aroma, and flavor of fresh milk. So the preparations with a alginat chitosan microparticles form can be used as a form of preservative material of fresh milk.

Keywords—alginate, chitosan, ginger, milk, , preservatives

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