Enhancement of Artemisinin Content in Artemisia Annua By Increasing Gene Expression with Abscisic Acid (ABA) and Salinity Stress Treatment

Mochammad Fadholi, Muhammad Hamzah


Artemisinin is an effective drug to combat malaria disease. Artemisinin can be extracted from Artemisia annua. Low content of artemisinin has become an obstacle to meet the market demand for the medicine. Complex research has been done in order to improve artemisinin content. Simple treatment such as salinity stress treatment and elicitation with abscisic acid can enhance artemisinin content in plant. Artemisinin in Artemisia annua treated with 4-6 g/L NaCl could be significantly enhanced up to 2-3% dry weight compared to that control plant (1% dry weight). Moreover, artemisinin content in plants treated by 10 μM ABA was 65% higher than that in the control plants. Further research can use these two treatments at once for increasing the artemisinin content higher.

Keywords— abiscisic acid; Artemisia annua; artemisinin; NaCl; salinity stress

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