“SMART DOOR LOCK” : Anti-Sabotage Door Security System for Restricted Room

Annisa Trisnani, Balighani Fathul Barry, Heri Santoso, Ilham Mandala Putra, Ferry Astika Saputra


Security systems for sensitive room such as central control room, IT room, and research and development laboratory is very important to avoid asset losses. The existing technology which widely applied in a lot of corporate like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and fingerprint have some weaknesses. RFID chip is susceptible to system disturbance which caused by frequency spreaded from gadget or other device surround. Then, fingerprint sensor system cannot detect wet, dirty, or peeled off fingers. To solve the problem, this research develop modern technology called by Smart Door Lock. This systems consists of electronic locker based on microcontroller technology with solenoid locker as the actuator, “Smart Lock” Android application and database system for user management. The locker can be controlled by Android application using bluetooth communication and Login system to lock or unlock the door within 2 up to 5 seconds for pairing session with maximum distance 9 meters. There are two kinds of user which able to access the door or room. The common user just have authority to lock and unlock the room. The administrator user have authority to access the room and monitor the user traffic of room using database system. The database system record all of registered user access real time, which display the name of user, command and access times. The administrator also able to manage (add, delete or change account information) all of user through website. This innovation is more efficient and user friendly to manage large number of user for some corporate application.

Keywords— Android, bluetooth communication, security system, user management

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