ANDARO “Adaptable Dancing Robot” for Better Indonesian Traditional Dance

Nurani Lathifah, Ristania Fitri Wulandari, Citta Anindya, Anggoro Dwi Nur Rohman, Siegit Kuncoro Aji


This paper introduces a method to develop a media which is proposed to build the awareness of Indonesian people about traditional dance. Traditional dance is an important thing of cultural which must be maintained. So, introducing Indonesian traditional dance to the children is needed. Beside to conserve the Indonesian culture, children need art to build their effectiveness with synchronizing their right and left brain. In this case, introducing Indonesian traditional dance can be chosen. ANDARO is media which can introduce Indonesian traditional dance to children. ANDARO is a humanoid robot with music detector, so it can dance automatically when the music of traditional dance is played. With this ability, it can be confirmed that ANDARO can increase Indonesian people’s awareness about traditional dance by the children.

Keywords—Dancing Robot, Music Detector, Traditional Dance

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