Response Surface Methodology to Optimize Cutting Condition of CNC Milling Machine

Richard Dimas Julian Murphiyanto, Sarah Alfiani, Windy Indah Sari


Milling machine is one of the most used machine in manufacturing industries which is useful to cut the material’s surface. The quality characteristic from a good finished product is by having small Roughness average (Ra) and that can be achieved by determining the optimum cutting parameters. One of the ways to determine the optimal value of the parameters is by using Design of Experiment (DoE) with Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The experiment was designed using the application of Box-Behnken Design from the 3 parameters which have 3 levels for each parameter. Software Minitab 17 is used for this experiment to make ANOVA, regression model, contour plot, and surface plot for data analysis. The result from this research is the optimal value from the parameters to minimize the Ra, which are 1288 rpm for the cutting speed, 400 mm/min for feed rate, and with 0.7 mm depth of cut. This combination will generate the value of Ra in the amount 0.6907 μm.

Keywords— box-behnken design; milling machine; optimization; quality characteristic; response surface methodology

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