Initial Study of Prototype Pico Hydro Turbine Based on Galvanized Pipe

Arifin Muhammad Bagus, Wibowo Fauzy Satrio, Pradana Mares, Lestari Dyah


Indonesia is an archipelago comprising thousands of islands has many natural sources that can be reprocessed, but from the electricity sector for energy distribution in 2011 the power plant in Indonesia is still dominated by using fossil fuels, especially coal at 27,434,163 tons. One of the abundant natural resources are water. Referring to the data Ministry of Energy Resource of Indonesia, the hydropower potential of the Indonesian nation is 75,000 MW and it is only used by 10.1 percent or 7.572 MW. This is the reason why this paper titled by Design and Construction of Galvanized Pipe as Pico Hydro Turbine. Pico Hydro Turbine is a power plant that can produce electricity for less than 5000 Watts. Pico Hydro basically utilize the height difference (h) falling water and the amount of water flow (q) per second coming from streams, waterfalls, water burst by machinery and irrigation channels. The innovation of this project is to develop a kind of pico hydro turbine-based galvanized pipe mounted on the blades of the waterwheel. This is an innovation that created a solution to avoid corrosion properties of the material substance of the wheel when every day in contact with water. Pipe galvanized itself is having a carbon element at 0091%, an element of zinc (Zn) of 99.7% so it is classified in the low-carbon steel. This development project using a following method such as (a) Study Literature; (b) Design prototype; (c) Testing and Revision; and (d) Evaluation. The outcome result of this research is (1) Air pressure in the water thrower is 30 bar; (2) Discharge of water used in this prototype is 30L/minute; (3) front gear diameter is 25 cm, while the rear gear is 4 cm; (5) The results can use a DC generator with RPM 300 / min is 4 volts with 8 Watt

Keywords— Galvanized Pipe; Pico Hydro; Prototype

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