GEMESTA - Empowering Students as ISO 9001: 2015 Consultants to Enhance the Competitiveness of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the face of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

Hasan Rifky Aliza, Lambert Reynaldo Michael, Razak Fatya Giscka Raudya


ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) that was established in the end of 2015 allows the free-flow of goods, services, and labors from and to Indonesia. According to the AEC Blueprint 2025, ASEAN recognizes the importance of sustainable economic development as an inherent part of the region’s growth strategy. ISO 9001 is a standard that recognized worldwide, and used by organizations as an integral component of sustainable development. Meanwhile, National Standardization Agency (BSN) mentions that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as the most prolific business entities in Indonesia, are still lacking awareness about standards, including ISO 9001 as the most basic one. SMEs need help to go through standardization process properly. On the other hand, hiring ISO 9001 consultants is not financially feasible for SMEs. As the proposed solution, Gerakan Melek Standardisasi (GEMESTA) empowers college students from all over the country to become ISO 9001:2015 consultants. GEMESTA operates as an independent student-led organization that provides affordable business development services (BDS) for SMEs, specifically ISO 9001 consulting services. It has huge potentials to synergize all involved parties, such as government and certification bodies, to systematically enhance our SMEs with ISO 9001 to face the fierce competition of today’s market towards sustainable development.

Keywords— AEC, BDS, ISO 9001:2015, SMEs,sustainable development

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