Organizational Justice as a Predictor of Employee Cynicism about Organizational Change

Maria Resti Kasih Kristina, Wustari L Mangundjaya


Company’s success in conducting organizational change may fail due to the cynical attitude of employees towards the change efforts implemented. This employees’ attitude towards organizational change is more likely directing to become pessimistic and apathetic, which may influence the success of change process. The purpose of this study is to find the impact of organizational justice as a predictor of cynicism about organizational change. Data collected using a Cynicism About Organizational Change (CAOC) and Organizational Justice Scale (OJS) questionnaires. There were 281 respondents who were permanent employees – with at least 2-years tenure - working in companies that had undergone changes. This study shows that organization fairness had a significant negative effect on CAOC (r = - 0.238, p < 0.01). Multiple regression analysis on the organizational justice dimensions showed that only interpersonal fairness dimension had significant negative effect on cynicism towards organization change in an independent way (β = -0.293, p < 0.005). This study shows that organizational justice has negative and significant effect on cynicism about organizational change, moreover on dimensionality level, interpersonal justice has effect on cynicism about organizational justice in an independent way.

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