Cultural Promotion in The Practice of Japan’s Public Diplomacy: A Case-study of JENESYS

Vita Desti, Endah Hayuni Wulandari


This study discusses the practice of Japan's public diplomacy in the implementation of JENESYS—a youth exchange program between Japan and the member states of ASEAN. JENESYS as a tool of Japanese public diplomacy aims to influence public opinion about Japan, thus Japan will have a good reputation amongst international audiences. This study uses the 21st century public diplomacy theory pointed out by Gyorgy Szondi in analyzing the JENESYS program from 2007 until 2014 and its activities. This study also explains the relationship between JENESYS and nation branding. Qualitative descriptive study is the method of this study. The result of this study indicates that JENESYS has a national interest to promote Japanese culture as well as to influence foreign public in enhancing Japan's reputation.

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