The Use of Dictogloss Technique to Improve Reading Skills in Shochukyuu Bunpou Courses for Second-Semester Students of the Japanese Language Education Study Program FKIP UHAMKA 2018/2019

Rita Agustina Karnawati, Yuni Masrokhah


Making language learning easy to learn is a challenge for language educators, therefore several learning techniques are needed. The purpose of this study is to improve the ability of students to use the grammar that has been learned. Learners not only understand grammar but use it in sentences or text reading. The learning technique in this study is the Dictogloss technique. This study uses a quasiexperimental method, with the design of the Pre-Post Test, samples and sources of research data are second-semester students, and the instruments used are in the form of tests. From the results of data analysis, it is known that there are differences in grammar skills, namely the reading skill after using the dictogloss technique. This is indicated by the acquisition of the average pre-test value of 53,3 and the post-test value of 73,3. By using the Dictogloss technique there is an increase in grammar understanding so that the reading skill of the second-semester students of Japanese Uhamka study programs is better than before.
Keywords: Dictogloss technique, grammar, reading skill

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