Learning the Meaning of Sanji Jukugo (Three Characters Compound) in『雪国』 (Snow Country) by Kawabata Yasunari Based on Industrial Revolution 4.0: A Semantic Study

Urip Zaenal Fanani


Sanji jukugo is defined as a combination of three kanji. Sanji jukugo (three characters compound) are classified into two function, composing and mentioning one by one the kanji characters and combining one-character vocabulary with two-character vocabulary. Sanji jukugo is very close to the semantics because semantics examine meaning. The semantic meaning of Sanji jukugo in Yukiguni (Snow Country)--a novel by Kawabata Yasunari—can also be analyzed by semantic theory. In Yukiguni, we can see the sanji jukugo used by Shimamura as a male character, and Komako and Yuko as female characters. In the semantics, there are idiomatic meanings and idioms are language expressions in the form of a combination of words whose meanings are united and cannot be interpreted with the meaning of the constituent elements. Semantic learning sanji jukugo in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution can be done by uploading sanji jukugo to social media like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
Keywords: Industrial Revolution 4.0, Sanji jukugo (three characters compound), Semantics, Yukiguni

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