Changes in Non-native Japanese Teachers’ Beliefs: Focus on the Role of Teachers

Kubota Kubota


A language teacher's beliefs play an important role in the thoughts and actions that go into  language teaching. This paper reviews previous research on the beliefs of non-native Japanese teachers, focusing  on  changes  in  beliefs  and  the  role  of  teachers,  and  contemplates  what  language  teachers’ beliefs should be like. The non-native Japanese teachers’ experience as a learner changes with the times, and that change influences teachers’ beliefs. New curriculums and new educational concepts also have some  effect  on  teachers’  beliefs.  ICT  (Information  and  Communication  Technology)  adoption  has increased the amount of knowledge that learners have about Japan and Japanese. That fact also affects beliefs concerning the role of the teachers. Beliefs can’t change easily. But teaches’ beliefs can change by changing their own perspective and way of thinking. Language teachers need to have the ability to look back on themselves to change their perspective and way of thinking, and they will have flexible beliefs as a result. 

Keywords: Non-native Japanese teachers, experience as a learner, new educational concepts, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), perspective and way of thinking

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