Tourism as Optional Lecture for Industrial Revolution in Japanese Language Major

Rita Susanti


Following  the  rapid  growth  in  science,  many  things  have  been  changed.  One  of  them  is  the  industrial revolution 4.0. In this era, the demand of manpower is decreasing and is replaced by computer and machine. For Indonesian millennials, this is a challenge for their futures. However, despite this concern,  there  is  tremendous  opportunity  for  Japanese  language  learners  which  is  part  of  the millennials generation. In the fieldwork and as tourist guide, there is significant need for manpower.   The amount of expatriates living in Jakarta, business trips from Japanese businessmen, and the growing information of Indonesian tourism, has made the demand of Japanese tourist guide speaker increased. As a result, tourism lecture was created, especially for students who want to master to become Japanese tourist guide. In this lecture, not only the ability of students, but also the lecturer should prepare well for  the  course  with  a  good  flow,  starting  from  greetings,  guiding,  and  closing.  In  addition,  lecturer should understand the general concept of tourism and how to guide tourists properly.  

Keywords:  Japanese skill, guiding, tourism 

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