Android Studio-Based Learning Media in Basic Bunpou Learning

Frida Philiyanti, Yuniarsih Yuniarsih, Syauqi Wafi Yulianto


 This study aims to determine the effectiveness of using Android Studio-based learning media in basic Bunpou learning. The method used in this study is pre-experimental, with one group pre-test post-test design. The population in this study were students of the Japanese Language Education Study Program, Jakarta State University, 2017/2018 academic year with a sample of 20 students from beginner level. The instrument used were tests, in the form of a pretest-posttest, and questionnaire. From the statistical data calculation based on the results of the pretest and the posttest show that the ttable value at the 5% significance level is 2.02, while the tcalculate value in this study is 4.86. Since the tcalculate is higher that the ttable , it shows that the hypothesis alternative (Ha) of this study is accepted, which proved the using of Android Studio-based learning media in Bunpou learning is effective. And from the questionnaire known that the using of Android Studio-based learning media can overcome student difficulties (65%), which makes it easier to understand vocabulary (85%), grammar (85%), and auxiliary word (80%). In addition, this media is proven to also help overcome Basic Bunpou learning outside the classroom (90%). 

Keywords : Basic Bunpo, Android Studio-based learning media

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