The Application of Flipped Class Teaching Method in Nihongo II Course to Support theOutcome Based Education

Dhaniar Asmarani


The industrial revolution 4.0, brought rapid progress in technological development. In line with this,
the use of technology in teaching and learning process is unavoidable. To answer this, flipped class,
which is one method in applying blended learning (Capone et all, 2017), can be an alternate. This study discusses about the application of flipped class methods in Nihongo II courses, as one method to support the Outcome Based Education programs. Nihongo II course held at the Japanese Literature Department, Bina Nusantara University, is a Japanese grammar course for second semester students. Flipped class method is applied in meetings 14 to 26, while in meetings 1 to 13 using lecturing method as usual. These two methods are used with the aim of seeing the advantages and disadvantages of the flipped class method if applied in Nihongo II course. After applying this method, it appears that students become more active in learning and can use Japanese grammar that learned before, to do activities that relevant in daily life.

Keywords: Flipped class method, Nihongo II Course, Outcame Based Education  

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