Characteristics and HIV Knowledge Level of Undergraduate Students of the Regular Bachelor Degree Program Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia

Haruka Ayu Suhita, Riri Maria


Objective: HIV remains one of the critical health issues causing a major health concern worldwide, including in Indonesia. Problems related to HIV are inextricable from the role of health workers, particularly nurses, in Indonesia. Nursing students as future nurses need to have an adequate knowledge about HIV to provide maximum health care. This analytical descriptive research with a cross-sectional approach using chi-square test aimed to determine the relationship between student characteristics and their HIV knowledge levels.
Methods: In this study, a total of 142 students were included, and the HIV Knowledge Questionnaire-18 was used to determine their HIV knowledge levels.
Results: A significant relationship was observed between the year of the nursing program attended and the information obtained regarding the knowledge level (p = 0.000; 0.000; α = 0.05). Meanwhile, no significant relationship was found between ethnicity and a student’s knowledge level (p = 0.505; α = 0.05).
Conclusion: This study is recommended for educational institutions to recognize the need for early education on HIV.

Keywords: Characteristic, HIV, knowledge level, nursing student

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