Classical Music Therapy as The Intervention to Relieve Headache in A Meningitis Patient

Gayatri Mauly Purwandari, Sri Yona


Objective: Headache is a manifestation of inflammatory response from meningeal infection. Headache may affect client physically and psychologically thus it requires treatment. This paper aimed to analyze implementation of classical music therapy as non-pharmacological intervention in relieving headache in patient with meningitis.

Methods: This was a case study to evaluate the effectiveness of classical music therapy to relieve patient’s headache. The intervention was implemented for 3 days long by playing Beethoven Symphony 6. The headache was evaluated by using McGill Pain Questionnaire.

Results: The result indicated a decrease in pain intensity from score of 8 to 6 in the third day of implementation.

Conclusion: Classical music therapy relieved headache in patient with meningitis. Nurses are suggested to implement classical music therapy on client with headache in order to relieve and alleviate pain.

Key words: Classical music, meningitis, pain

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