Preoperative Nursing Care to Reduce Anxiety of Parent from Cancer Patient in Paediatric Surgical Ward

Ratna Suryani Gandana, Fajar Tri Waluyanti


Objective: Cancer or malignant tumors are one of the most experienced diseases in the world. The therapy to treat cancer requires a comprehensive examination, one of which is by doing a biopsy. Biopsy is a procedure that can cause anxiety in parents of children with cancer. One of the way to reduce anxiety in parents of children with cancer is to do preoperative education. The purpose of study was to determine the effects of preoperative education on anxiety in parents of cancer patients.

Methods: This was a case study of preoperative care to reduce anxiety of parents whose child has cancer and will undergo a surgery. The intervention included anticipatory guidance and preoperative education. Anticipatory guidance was given by actively listening to parents and child’s concerns and assist them to learn deep breathing relaxation techniques, and distraction.  The preoperative education was given using a flipchart containing information pertaining to the location and time of surgery, preoperative preparation, surgical procedures, and postoperative care.

Results: Parents’ anxiety declined from the score of 7 to 3. She also expressed the feeling of relieved. She looked calmer, focused and made eye contact.

Conclusion: Patient education along with anticipatory guidance needs to be provided by nurses during preoperative stage to reduce both parents and patients’ anxiety.

Key words: cancer, anxiety, parents, preoperative education

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