The Relationship between Comfort with the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients

Diah Widyastuti, Tuti Nuraini


Objectives: This study aimed to identify the correlation between comfort and quality of life in cancer patients.


Methods: The study was conducted on 95 respondents with consecutive sampling technique in cross sectional method. The data analysis used on this study is univariate and bivariate analysis that is test of correlation and mean differences.


Results:  This study showed there was a significant correlation between all aspects of comfort and the quality of life in cancer patients (p < 0.05; α = 0.05), higher discomfort in physical, psychospiritual, socio-cultural, financial, and environmental aspects cause worse quality of life. Stage of cancer is also known to be associated with quality of life (p = .002; α = 0.05), with the higher level stage showed the low quality of life.


Conclusion: The results are expected to be the evidence-based practice to improve nurse skill to provide comfort to cancer patients. Because the higher stage of cancer makes the quality of life lower, nurses need to optimize all aspects that can still be improved for a better quality of life of patients.


Key words:

Cancer patients, comfort, quality of life

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