Nursing Process of Postoperative Children With Digestive Surgical Case in Children Surgical Ward

Cintia Fajri Utami, Fajar Tri Waluyanti


Objective: This scientific paper is aimed to provide an overview of nursing care post-operation in children with digestive surgery case as well as to provide an overview of the effect of non- pharmacological application of cutaneous stimulation cold application in reducing postoperative wound pain.

Methods: One example of pain management interventions that can be done is cutaneous stimulation. This technique aims to divert the child's attention to the tactile stimuli provided and inhibits the transmission process and pain perception so as to decrease the pain scale of the child.

Results: There were four nursing problems identified. They were acute pain, an imbalance of nutrients less than the body's needs, the risk of damage to the integrity of the skin, and the risk of infection.

Conclusion: The main problem is acute pain. The results of the intervention after five days of treatment concluded that the use of cold application could meet the desired outcome criteria in acute postoperative pain nursing problems.


Keywords: child, digestive surgery, non pharmacologic, pain, postoperative

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