The Description of Diet Adherence In Outpatient Clinic Diabetes Mellitus Type II dr. H. Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor Hospital

Raden Akmalul Fikri Abdi, Denissa Faradita Aryani


Objective:  This study aimed to describe the diethary adherence in outpatient clinic diabetes mellitus type II Doctor Haji Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor hospital based on the  schedule, type, and amount of food.


Methods: The design of this study used cross sectional with consecutive sampling method involving 109 respondents.


Results: The result of this study shows that most of respondent has non-adherence to diet especially adherence of food amount.


Conclusion: The recommendation of this study is to conduct further research on the factors that influence non-adherence of food amount.


Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Diethary Adherence

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