Descriptive Study: Self Motivation of Patients Undergoing Routine Hemodialysis with Fluid Restriction

Megasari Yanuar Wisudawati, Liya Arista


Objective: End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is one of diseases that take as second causes of death in Indonesia. Patients with ESRD have to undergo routine hemodialysis for temporary renal replacement therapy. Patients who are undergoing hemodialysis should do fluid restrictions in order to avoid excess fluid. To maintain the fluid balance, patients need self motivation to make fluid restriction. The aim of this research was to determine of self motivation for patients undergoing hemodialysis with fluid restriction while using Treatment Motivation Questionnaire.

Methods: This research was a descriptive study with cross sectional approach performed 94 patients undergoing hemodialysis consecutively at unit hemodialysis.

Results: The result showed 63.8% of patients undergoing hemodialysis have a low motivation of fluid intake restriction.

Conclusion: Suggestion for hospital is to organize focus group discussion about basic knowledge of fluid restriction, how to maintain fluid restriction with IDWG graphs and to share patient’s self motivation of fluid restriction.


Keywords: ESRD, fluid restriction, hemodialysis, motivation

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