Relaxation Techniques and Therapeutic Communication On Anxiety And Grieving Of Clients with Low Back Pain

Sulistia Intan Nurrakhmi, Mustikasari Mustikasari


Objective: Low back pain client may have an alteration in their job and had a grieving process with anxiety. Client who experienced it will feel anxiety with certain level and grieving with certain phases. This writing discuss about Mrs. RL’s case about low back pain with anxiety and grieving as psychosocial problems.

Methods: This case study aimed to evaluate nursing management given to patient with low back pain to pass grieving process and decrease their anxiety. Nursing management in grieving and anxiety was relaxation techniques and exploring feelings.

Results: The evaluation for nursing management was the resolved nursing problem either anxiety or grieving with the teaching interventions.

Conclusion: Application of the relaxation techniques with adjusted time for patients in daily living to keep patient’s psychosocial conditions can be performed by nurse.

Keywords: Anxiety; Grieving; Low Back Pain; Relaxation Technique

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