Prevention of Delayed Recovery of Right Hemicolectomy in Patients with Ascending Colon Cancer

Siti Noviana Sari, Debie Dahlia


Objective: This paper aims to analyze perioperative nursing care given to patients with ascending colon cancer who had right hemicolectomy

Methods: Interventions provided in the form of perioperative education, deep breathing relaxation exercises, effective cough exercises, and early postoperative mobilization

Results: The results of the evaluation of the implementation of nursing showed the results of patients able to do post-operative exercises in according to education that has been given, the patient was satisfied, and there was no delay post-surgical recovery.

Conclusion: Operative education can be used to improve postoperative recovery in colon cancer patients. Some interventions can be made a protocol and applied to improve patient independence, reduce post-operative care days, and increase satisfaction for patients and families.


Keywords: Colon cancer; deep breathing; early mobilization; effective coughing; preoperative education

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