Anxiety level and academic procrastination among clinical nursing students in the faculty of nursing of universitas indonesia

Nurmala Sari, Herni Susanti


Objective: Students commonly manage anxiety through avoidance behaviors, including procrastination. This study aimed to identify the relationship between anxiety levels and academic procrastination among clinical nursing students in the Faculty of Nursing of Universitas Indonesia.

Methods: This cross-sectional study included 116 clinical nursing students. Pearson’s chi-squared test was employed to examine the relationship between anxiety and academic procrastination.

Results: The results revealed a highly significant relationship between the anxiety level and academic procrastination among clinical nursing students (p < 0.005).

Conclusion: Our study demonstrated a relationship between anxiety and procrastination among nursing students. We suggest that nursing educational institutions and academic hospitals provide counseling services for students facing anxiety. This will allow students to learn adaptive coping strategies and time management skills. Peer support groups may also be needed to help students share and identify their preferred coping strategies based on the experiences of their peers. Our findings also indicated a need for further studies to explore factors affecting anxiety and academic procrastination among students.

Keywords: academic procrastination, anxiety, nursing students

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