Relationship between Knowledge and Compliance of Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment

Rini Rinelly, Riri Maria


Objective: Chemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer; however, in developing countries, patient adherence rates for chemotherapy are low. Low adherence rate could be attributed to insufficient knowledge. The aim of the present study is to determine the relationship between knowledge about chemotherapy and adherence among patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Methods: This research used an analytical descriptive and cross-sectional approach and used purposive sampling to select 66 patients with cancer. We used the Leuven questionnaire for assessing patient knowledge about chemotherapy, and the adherence measurement form was used to identify the patient adherence of respondents.

Results: No significant relationship was observed between the level of knowledge and adherence (p = 0.422; α = 0.05) among patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Conclusion: Other factors appear to affect the adherence of patients undergoing chemotherapy; additional research is warranted.

Keywords: adherence; cancer; chemotherapy; hospital; knowledge

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