Exercise Therapy Joint Mobility (Muslim Prayer Movement/Salat) as a Nursing Intervention for Impaired Physical Mobility in Elderly

Indah Permata Putri, Dwi Nurviyandari


Objective: This study aimed to explain the nursing care of the elderly with impaired physical mobility through joint exercise intervention, such as performing the Muslim prayer movement or Salat.

Methods: The quasi-experimental study examined the effect of Muslim prayer movement on elderly with impaired physical mobility. Muslim prayer movements were performed for 5 weeks, once a day, and the materials used were an MP3 player, a stopwatch, and a goniometer.

Results: Evaluation using Berg Balance Test showed an increase in the score from 32 to 47.

Conclusion: This intervention can be performed by the elderly five times a day to maintain joint mobility and balance. The nurses need to provide motivation to the elderly to pray five times a day to maintain their joint function.

Keywords: Elderly, Impaired, Physical Mobility, Prayer

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