Disability Grades and Quality of Social Relationships among People with Leprosy in Donorojo Leprosy Rehabilitation Village

Firda Aishia, Wiwin Wiarsih


Objective: Disabilities among people with leprosy may affect their quality of life and alter their satisfaction toward various aspects of life, including social relationships. Social relationships encompass all aspects of personal relationships, social support, and sexual activities. Thus, it important to explore the association between the degree of disability and social relationships.

Methods: This cross-sectional study involved 89 patients with leprosy who lived in the Donorojo Leprosy Rehabilitation Village.

Results: Our analysis showed that 77.5% of the respondents had grade 2 disabilities and that the average social relationship score was 69.72 of 100. Correlation between disability grades and social relationship domains was found (p = 0.032). Limitations in interaction and social participation increased with increasing disability grades.

Conclusion: Provision of facilities and assistance from the Donorojo Leprosy Rehabilitation Unit is expected to improve the quality of life of the patients with leprosy.

Keywords: disability grade; leprosy; people affected by leprosy; quality of life; social relationships

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