Positive Thinking Exercise as an Intervention for Reducing Feeling of Powerlessness in Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus

Devi Sahputra, Herni Susanti


Objective: Individuals with diabetes mellitus can have psychosocial issues, such as feeling of powerlessness. The powerlessness experienced by patients includes a feeling of losing control and a feeling of living a meaningless life, which decreases their ability of thinking positively. Unresolved feeling of powerlessness can worsen a patient’s physical illness. Thus, the present case study aimed to analyze the effects of the nursing process used on a 70-year-old patient with diabetes mellitus for 20 years, who presented with stage 4 wound complication and developed signs and symptoms of feeling of powerlessness.

Methods: The patient was treated for 5 days, and his feeling of powerlessness was measured using powerlessness assessment tool for adults. The intervention involved positive thinking and affirmation exercises.

Results: The patient’s powerlessness score decreased significantly from 53 to 28.

Conclusion: The utilization of positive thinking exercises as a therapy for treating powerlessness among patients with diabetes mellitus is recommended.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus; powerlessness; powerlessness assessment tool (PAT) for adult; psychosocial

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